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NBWJI Mission

We research, elevate, and educate the public about innovative, community-led solutions to address the criminalization of Black women and girls. We aim to dismantle the racist and patriarchal U.S. criminal-legal system and build, in its place, pathways to opportunity and healing.


We envision a society that respects, values, and honors the humanity of Black women and girls, takes accountability for the harm it has inflicted, and recognizes that real justice is healing.

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Guiding Principles

Data Driven

We ground our work in evidence and data.


Race and gender equity

We believe that an intersectional framework is critical for eliminating racial and gender bias in our criminal legal system. 


Elevate and amplify community expertise

We center and uplift the voices and experiences of Black women and girls who have been affected by the criminal legal system.



We believe that creating opportunities for healing is the true meaning of justice.

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