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NBWJI engages in local and national projects. We develop and test innovative solutions, elevate and support community-led organizations and programs, and build the capacity of government systems and direct service providers to support Black women and girls without causing harm. 

Featured work

LOVE Project

Currently and formerly incarcerated women and girls develop a training program to support and educate victim services providers to more effectively address the needs of women and girls who have been impacted by the criminal legal system.

Trauma-Informed Learning Network for Girls of Color

Online peer network for educators seeking support and resources to transform schools and other educational settings into places where girls of color can thrive. 

Health, Healing, and Hope

Administer participatory grantmaking process to allocate resources for gender-responsive and culturally competent mental health services for girls of color. 

Boys as Allies

Create a culturally competent sexual assault awareness training for adolescent boys of color that equips them with the knowledge and skills to stand against gender-based violence.

Commercially Sexually Exploited Children Training for Law Enforcement and Probation

Provide training that enables law enforcement and probation officers to more effectively respond to the needs of commercially sexually exploited children.

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