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The National Black Women’s Justice Institute (NBWJI) is a nonprofit research and policy organization working to eliminate racial and gender disparities in the U.S. criminal legal system. Our work specifically focuses on the criminalization and punishment of Black women, girls, and gender nonconforming people, aiming to bring attention to the ways that race and gender discrimination create conditions that heighten Black women, girls, and gender nonconforming people’s risk of coming into contact with the criminal legal system and their risk of harsher treatment by law enforcement, our courts, and other systems and institutions of criminalization and punishment. Our approach is grounded in an intersectional framework, and our mission is to uplift the voices of Black women, girls and gender nonconforming people to position their needs and experiences at the center of research, policy, and practice.


At NBWJI, we envision a society where healing—not punishment—is upheld as justice.


NBWJI’s Core Commitments:

  1. Dismantle pathways to criminalization and confinement;

  2. Expand services and resources with and for system-impacted Black women, girls, and gender-nonconforming people; and

  3. Promote healing-centered justice.