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Dismantle pathways to criminalization and confinement for Black women and girls.

Racial and gender inequities are embedded in U.S. systems and institutions. These inequities produce unjust barriers and disadvantages that increase Black women and girls’ risk of coming in contact with law enforcement, courts, and places of confinement. It is critical that we study and understand risk and protective factors to create interventions and advance policy that build avenues to success and well-being for Black women and girls.

Featured work

Policing Black Women and TGNC People

An Intersectional Study of Black Women, Trans and Gender Nonconforming People’s Encounters with Police


​EMERGE Evaluation

Evaluating an alternative education program for girls of color in the Bay Area who are returning to school from a condition of confinement or incarceration.

Emerge Evaluation.jpg

Trauma-Informed Learning Network for Girls of Color

Online peer network for educators seeking support and resources to transform schools and other educational settings into places where girls of color can thrive. 

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