Promote healing-centered justice.

The overwhelming majority of Black women and girls who come in contact with the criminal legal system have experienced deep trauma and harm in their lives. The status quo of criminalization and punishment only causes more trauma and does little to heal or increase public safety. We must advocate for access to and expansion of services that support and promote healing and connection and help Black women and girls reclaim their power.

Featured work

Mental Health Services for Black Girls

Expanding culturally-competent and gender-responsive mental health services for Black girls and other youth of color.


Boys as Allies Curriculum

Create a culturally competent sexual assault awareness training for adolescent boys of color that equips them with the knowledge and skills to stand against gender-based violence.

Boys as Allies.jpg

Commercially and Sexually Exploited Children (CSEC) Training for Law Enforcement and Probation

Provide training that enables law enforcement and probation officers to more effectively respond to the needs of commercially sexually exploited children.

Training for Law Enforcement.jpg